Why Choose Us

Choosing an Orthodontist is a Serious Decision

Choosing an orthodontist for your family should be based on the orthodontist’s expertise, experience and commitment to providing the most advanced orthodontic treatment in a convenient and comfortable office.

Dr. Ehsani is recognized by his colleagues and patients as a consummate professional and is widely recognized in our community for providing excellent orthodontic treatment for children and adults.

  • “There is a difference in Orthodontists … you deserve the choice.”
  • “Make the choice that’s right for your family … schedule a consultation and experience the difference.”
  • “A referral is not necessary to schedule a consultation.”
  • “Braces are braces!.. Right?… Wrong!”

Our Mission

We strive to provide the highest quality of care to set our practice apart from the rest. We recognize that every patient has different needs, and we pride ourselves in the courteous service we deliver to each person who walks through our doors. Our main goal is ensuring our patients and their families receive genuine care and comfort.

Our Team

Dr. Ehsani is a board certified orthodontic specialist. He diagnoses all orthodontic problems and completes all treatment procedures, which ensures superior results and continuity of care. His team of licensed registered dental assistants are thoroughly trained and knowledgeable of the most current treatment methods. The Elite Orthodontics team is fluent in English, Spanish, Farsi, Filipino, Hindi and Vietnamese.

Our Office Facilities

We use the most current appliances. Over the years, orthodontic technology has improved, making appliances more comfortable, and shortening treatment time. Computer terminals at each treatment chair allow Dr. Ehsani to view complete treatment records and images with the click of a mouse. Patients’ records are available immediately when needed for consultation with your family dentist. Our office is “paper-less” as frequently as possible to promote a green environment!

Some of the cutting-edge orthodontic treatments we proudly utilize include:

  • Self-ligating braces
  • Ceramic braces
  • Invisalign® – straightens teeth with a series of clear, customized aligners. No wires or brackets!
  • State-of-the-art X-Rays taken right in our office. Computer generated images captured in less than a minute, with significantly reduced radiation exposure.

For your protection, and to maintain excellent results, we never use recycled braces. For your safety, we utilize a state-of-the-art sterilization system as recommended by the American Dental Association and the Centers for Disease Control. Not only do we use hospital-grade sterilization machines, but these machines are monitored monthly to ensure they work properly.

Convenient Location

We are centrally located in the heart of San Diego, close to major freeways with complimentary reserved parking.

Patient-Friendly Atmosphere

From the very first visit to our office, it is evident Dr. Ehsani and his staff strive to provide superior treatment in a pleasant, friendly atmosphere. Video games and wireless Internet access in the reception area create an environment where kids can be kids, and adults can stay connected to their office or home. We provide contests and rewards to add to the enjoyment of orthodontic treatment.

Personal Consultations

Prior to beginning treatment, patients visit the office for a consultation appointment. Your consultation is conducted personally by Dr. Ehsani, and provides an opportunity for questions regarding the type and duration of treatment, as well as other important information.

Individualized Treatment Process

“Braces are braces! … Right? … Wrong!”

Every patient’s orthodontic treatment is based on an individualized plan developed by Dr. Ehsani. The practice’s unique patient management system concentrates on state-of-the art technology and patient-centered aesthetics with a convenient appointment sequence. We send a progress record of your treatment to your dentist directly. The excellent results of Elite Orthodontics have attracted national and international attention. Doctors travel to San Diego from all over the world to learn about Dr. Ehsani’s treatment processes.

 Our Efficiency

We realize your time is valuable. That’s why we utilize Doctor Time Scheduling, an advanced scheduling system, to make sure we stay on time and waiting is minimized. We provide online access to your information, appointments and our photo gallery. We provide appointment reminders via telephone, e-mail and text message.

Community Service

Our team is actively involved in promoting community service. Because of our proximity to many local schools, we are successful in educating students about the importance of oral health.

Many San Diego dentists, their staff and their families have selected our office for their treatment. We are appreciative of their trust and confidence in us!

Thank you for choosing Dr. Nader Ehsani and Elite Orthodontics!